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Traffic Information

Foshan' s transportation infrastructure consummation water, land, spatial transportation convenient, has formed a road, the railroad, the aviation and the river transportation is prepared, the modern traffic network of radiation with strong strength; The whole city has foreign port 16, the Foshan whole city sets up 5 customs, 4 passenger transportation ports (the Shunde port, south sea port, Gaomin port and the Foshan train station), 16 foreign ports and 9 standard container berths. The foreign passengers and cargo collection and distribution is convenient and quick.


Foshan Airport was once a regional airport with mixed usage (both military and domestic transport) since January 22, 1987, as it became a base of China United Airlines (CUA) in Guangdong Province. When CUA ceased domestic flights on November 1, 2002, Foshan Airport remained military service only. The airport resumed its regional airport status in 2005 when the regrouped CUA, which was partly purchased by Shanghai Airlines, resumed domestic flight service. It is expected domestic flight linkage between Foshan and at least ten Chinese cities including Beijing, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Yinchuan etc.


Foshan is a main interchange for railway routes linking Guangzhou, Hong Kong and the western Guangdong Province. It is connected with Hong Kong via the KCRC Guangdong Through Train service from Foshan railway station. The inter-city through train service was extended from Guangzhou to Foshan since the 1990s.

Being a prominent link to Guangzhou city, the Guangfo Line of the Guangzhou Metro, presently under construction, will connect the city to Guangzhou. The metro is supposed to be finished by 2010 in time for the 2010 Asian Games making it very convenient to go from Foshan downtown area to any place in Guangzhou.


Bus service is the major mode public transport inside the city of Foshan. The whole city is open to traffic the course 3479.4 kilometers, 84.3 of highway among them, has formed the road network which extends in all directions for the branch by Guang-Zhu, Guang-Zhan and Guang-zhao, constructs the highway of Guang (zhou) and Fo(shan).

Water Carriage

The whole city water transport open up to navigation length up to 2311 kilometers, have foreign port 16 kilometers, three of harbour among them are lead directly to Hong Kong passenger traffic (Shunde port, south seaport, Gaomin port), 9 container terminals (Lanshi port, new harbour of Foshan, Shunde harbour, north harbour, Pinzhou harbour, Sanshan harbour, Jiujiang harbour, Sanshui harbour and Gaomin harbour ).

The customs: 5 (Foshan customs, Shunde customs, South Sea customs, Sanshui customs, Gaomin customs ).

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